Freelancing is Entrepreneurship
Freelancing is Entrepreneurship

Freelancing is Entrepreneurship

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An Interesting Fact

Did you know that the term ‘side hustle’ wasn’t really used until the 1950’s?  It was slang to describe working additional jobs on the side to make ends meet.  A side hustle wasn’t necessarily something illegal, but somewhere in time the word sometimes had a negative connotation.  Even now in the present day, a side hustle can be legal business transactions that you can do to help make ends meet. 

I choose to alternate this term with the word ‘freelance’ (a much older term) because they are basically the same.  In either case, an individual exchanges their time, skills, or goods for monetary compensation.  With this type of work, it is possible for an individual to carryon multiple freelance jobs/gigs/side hustles at the same time to earn money.  In a sense, you could say that a person could have several mini businesses. 

Freelance is entrepreneurship. You are the CEO, marketer, and creator of goods and services.


Many of you have the drive to start your own businesses already.  On a regular basis, you practice hobbies or a craft that can potentially make you money.  Truth is, you have something that you are good at already or something you can easily learn worth dollars. 

Examples could be anything as simple as giving advice to something more complex such as fixing phones and fixing computers.  Perhaps you have a gift for teaching people what you know.  Brainstorm for ideas and write them down.  If you need help with getting ideas for side hustles, check out the “Resources” page to get ideas sent directly to your inbox. 


Deep down you know you have the potential to do more and be more, but the question remains in the back of your head of how to exactly do that.  Honestly, you don’t have to stress yourself out with trying to figure it out on your own. 

You may feel alone, but you aren’t.  There are millions of individuals out there just like you who want to make extra money outside of their 9 to 5 doing only what they know and love.  It is possible! All you have to do is be willing to learn


There is so much to gain when it comes to learning how to monetize your strengths properly.  I know it is difficult because time is hard to come by, especially while working a 9 to 5 job.  Make the leap and make a change.  Don’t procrastinate or overthink it. 

Don’t stop at 1 stream of income.  Be your own boss and create several income streams.  Turn yourself into an asset because it is time to invest in yourself. 

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