3 Websites for Emailed Leads
3 Websites for Emailed Leads

3 Websites for Emailed Leads

If there is anything that the present day has taught us it’s that we cannot be too comfortable relying on only one stream of income.  Yes, a 9 to 5 job is something to value and be grateful for; however, the state of the economy during the pandemic is quite precarious.  Your main job could disappear, then what would you be left with? 

Think of your 9-5 job as a strong pillar holding up a fragile object.  If you only have that one pillar and something happens to it, then the fragile object shatters to the ground.  Now think if you had multiple pillars to hold that same fragile object.  If one pillar were to become damaged, the other pillars are still there to standing firm keep the object from falling. 

Multiple pillars do not necessarily have to be additional full fledge jobs, but they can be small means of creating additional streams of income.  According to research by Upwork, 57 million people in the United States freelanced this year.  If you were not part of that number, perhaps it’s time you should be.

One challenge you may be facing is figuring out what freelance ideas are right for you.  If that is the case, simply head to our resources page to get our top 20 side hustle and gig ideas sent directly to your inbox.  To find out more about what is out there, here is our list of the top 3 websites that can send lists of specific side hustles and gigs directly to your inbox.

#1 Money Making Mommy

Money Making Mommy has been around since 1999 and is a blogging platform by Kelly Land for searching flexible job opportunities.  This website has a variety of categories to choose from when searching for freelance work.  Although the name of the website would lead others to believe that the content is strictly for women who wish to work from home, all types of freelancers are welcome to apply to various posted companies regardless of gender. 

Much of the postings are also relevant to adults 18 years of age and older, although there could be a few postings that could be relevant to teens wishing to earn additional cash.  No account is needed to take advantage of searching through the various job listings.  Freelancers are able to have leads sent directly to their inbox at no charge. 

Keep in mind that although Money Making Mommy is a reputable site, you would still have to do your research on job leads to make sure they are safe and legitimate.  For the most part, the website tries to ensure that the content sent to them by other companies and posted does not pose a threat to freelance workers; however, like any other platform that posts job leads, it can be difficult to properly vet all of them.  Therefore, it is wise that you do your homework to ensure the job leads that interest you are legitimate. 

Luckily, many of the job leads found on Money Making Mommy have been found to be up to date and low risk. To assist freelancers with staying safe online, there is a section on the blog that addresses pitfalls and scams. 

In addition to providing job leads, Money Making Mommy presents additional learning opportunities for freelancers who wish to further develop the skills needed to succeed in their chosen freelance career path.  There are suggested training classes and material for those who wish to work from home, and some of the suggested course offerings are free.  Examples of courses offered pertain to fields such as proofreading and editing, transcription, freelance writing, becoming a virtual assistant, and more.

Click this link to visit Money Making Mommy.

#2 Rat Race Rebellion

The founders of Rat Race Rebellion pride themselves in specializing with assisting others explore work from home opportunities since 1999.  Finding work from home job leads is their profession which has gained popularity with major talk shows and news networks like CNN, Good Morning America, The View, BBC, and more. 

This website is actually a blog where users do not necessarily have to create an account.  Using the website is completely free.  Much of the work from home jobs are based in the United States.  What is also great about this website is that users can sign up for free to receive work from home job leads in their email weekly. 

With all of the job leads pouring in constantly, Rat Race Rebellion does do their due diligence to attempt to weed out the leads considered harmful; however, it is best to still be cautious and do your part by researching and asking questions with the companies that you are interested in applying to.  This website provides great potential opportunities that are updated almost daily with certain exceptions mentioned on their website.

Click this link to visit Rat Race Rebellion.

#3 WAH Job Queen

Blogger Tywanna has a vast amount of knowledge when it comes to the work from home job leads market.   WAH Job Queen includes a useful blog about potential work from home opportunities, a work from home directory, and a daily job leads board. By signing up with your email, leads will be sent.

Click this link to visit WAH Job Queen

Well, what are you waiting for?  Utilize these sites to find freelance work today!

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